ARMB Core Services

The ARMB delivers standard council services such as road and land maintenance, waste collection and the overseeing of Resort facilities, which fall under five key areas:

  1. Environmental Management
    Protection of the native fauna and flora Plan for climate change Water treatment and conservation Environmental management planning Alpine fire strategy Waste management
  2. Social Responsibility
    Broaden and increase visitation Manage events Provide a rage of attractions Snow reporting Measure customer satisfaction
  3. Economic Viability
    Strategic planning Budgetary control Revenue and expense management Marketing plan Business development Investment of surplus funds
  4. Risk Management
    Alpine safety Workplace Year-round Business risk Building code Land control
  5. Land Management
    Planning Property management Civil engineering

The unique nature of the alpine environment requires the ARMB to provide an additional range of services not usually required by other metropolitan and rural communities. This includes:

Snow clearing

Clearing snow from the roads leading up to Mt Buller and throughout the Alpine Village is an essential service that the ARMB provides during the winter season. The ARMB continues to make significant investment in machinery, equipment maintenance and man-power to enable it to fulfill this task, and ensure that the roadways are safe and accessible by residents and Resort visitors.


The ARMB provides a dedicated guest transport system during the winter period via Mansfield Mt Buller Bus Lines (MMBL). This includes a shuttle bus that takes visitors from the Skating Rink Carpark to the Mt Buller Village, and a Village shuttle bus that transports people around the Resort.


Snowmaking is a key feature of Mt Buller that allows the Resort to open ski runs earlier and maintain a balanced snow cover throughout the season. It ensures continued Resort visitation, which in turn supports all mountain businesses and guarantees the economic viability of the region. Recognising the importance of this essential skifield infrastructure, the ARMB makes significant contributions to the cost of snowmaking.

Sewage reticulation and treatment

Sewage facilities in most Victorian communities are managed by third party contactors - at Mt Buller and Mt Stirling, they are managed by the ARMB. The ARMB removes sewage from all on-mountain properties and treats it to meets industry standards. It also spearheads the recycling and reuse of effluent to provide additional water for snowmaking.

Water supply

The ARMB is responsible for catching, testing and treating Mt Buller's water. Where many regional suburbs draw their drinking water directly from surrounding local streams, Mt Buller's water comes from a protected catchment which undergoes intensive UV treatment to meet and surpasses Australian drinking standards.

If you have any queries relating to the responsibilities of the ARMB, please contact 03 5777 6077 or