Mt Buller Transit Arrangements 2019 - Update 15 May 2019

Late in April we provided Stakeholders with an update on implementation of the RMB’s contract with Travel Safe Australia (TSA) to provide Carpark Shuttle, Village Shuttle, Valet taxi and Snowplay Express services from 2019. This is an update on progress over the past few weeks.


The new contract includes a number of base vehicles, with TSA using its relationships with partners to source additional vehicles based on demand. This removes the need to have a full fleet on mountain even when fewer vehicles are required. Bendigo Buslines is one of TSA’s partners and was going to provide base vehicles. While it may still provide additional vehicles, base vehicles will now be provided by Thrifty and other TSA partners. The base and additional vehicles arranged for 2019 are outlined below, and the base vehicles are scheduled to be on mountain from 1 June 2019.





Carpark Shuttle

3 x low rider bus

3 x low rider bus

Wheelchair accessible

Village Shuttle

3 x 4WD 22 seat Coaster

1 x 4WD 22 seat Coaster

With external ski racks

Valet taxi

10 x 4WD 10-seat Hiace

9 x 4WD 10-seat Hiace

1 x Wheelchair accessible Hiace

6 x 4WD 7-seat Pajero

Hiace’s with external ski racks, and one wheelchair accessible

Snowplay Express

3 x 57-seat coach

3 x 57-seat coach



Katie Head, TSA’s Operations Manager is currently recruiting 4 office staff and 35-40 drivers. 19 drivers have been employed and a further 45 applications are being considered. Drivers will have all required training and certifications including Hazardous Area Authority and mountain familiarisation training prior to Opening Weekend. 


The Mt Buller App now allows visitors to track Village and Carpark Shuttles and to book and track Valet taxis. A full transport App will also be released into App stores before the end of May enabling visitors to retrieve on-line Valet bookings, set/change Valet booking times and track booked Valets. The Snowplay Express will be added in June.


Major accommodation providers will be able to book Valet taxis for guests via phone or online via a web-portal, and TSA will be scheduling training appointments in the second half of May. TSA will also provide ‘How to Guides’ for lodges and apartment owners prior to the season to help people use the App to book and track Valets.  


The transit contract allows the RMB to introduce new transit options to Mt Buller. The first is a “Snow Limo” permit allowing operators with compliant vehicles to provide a premium service for visitors from off-mountain direct to their accommodation. A “Snow Limo” permit will cost $800 per vehicle per season. Anyone with an on-site parking permit can apply at no additional charge, and then offer their guests a courtesy service from off-mountain. Operators will be required to pay resort entry fees of $20 per adult passenger and $15 per child. For more information, please contact Sarah Egan at