21 May 2019

Snow Limo Product - NEW for 2019

This product involves offering a limousine service for passengers travelling from outside the resort to/from the Mt Buller Village or Telephone Box Junction at Mt Stirling.  It is open to transport operators that meet the requirements for a Commercial Operator’s Licence.  The Commercial Operator’s Licence eligibility and terms are available here (snow limo vehicles with less than 13 seats). 

For snow limo vehicles with more than 13 seats, click here for the application.

If you are considering a Snow Limo licence, please note:

  1. $800 p.a. per limousine is payable for the 2019 snow season plus $20 per adult passenger & $15 per child passenger;
  2. The $800 p.a. licence fee per limousine would be waived if the Operator is using a designated on-site parking bay for the limousine and has the appropriate parking permit from the RMB;
  3. The RMB will undertake financial and spot audits to confirm passenger numbers;
  4. The number of licences will be capped subject to demand.


For the Mt Buller Transit update outlining TravelSafe Australia's transit arrangements for this season, please click here. For further information on the Snow Limo product, please contact Sarah Egan at