Transport Arrangements for the 2020 season 5 Feb 2020

This notification provides an update on the RMB’s transport arrangements for the 2020 season.

TravelSafe was awarded a long-term transport contract in 2019 through public tender. It had numerous issues in its first season which resulted in significant problems with service levels. MMBL provided some services from mid-July to help improve service levels. TravelSafe also learned and improved throughout the season. The perennial issue of long queues in the Village Square was largely eliminated, the new SnowPlay Express service performed well, and improvements were made to the transport app.

Further discussions with stakeholders, TravelSafe and MMBL throughout 2019 resulted in a consensus on further transport changes to increase options for visitors and make overnight visits more affordable. This included repositioning valet taxis as a ride-share service, allowing a limited number of taxi operators to provide on-demand services, and allowing commercial accommodation houses, lodge managers and apartment managers to provide courtesy transfers to/from the overnight carparks for their guests.

Therefore TravelSafe will continue to deliver carpark shuttles, village shuttles and SnowPlay Express services in 2020, and has partnered with BusFleet to provide and manage vehicles and drivers. The 5 low-rider buses from 2019 have been refurbished and 3 new low-riders will be added for 2020. The racks on the village shuttles will be improved for 2020.

The ride-share service was offered for separate tender in November 2019, with MMBL and TravelSafe invited to participate. The tender focused on service and cost which were equally weighted. After a lengthy evaluation, the contract has been awarded to TravelSafe in partnership with BusFleet. BusFleet will provide all on-road services with a fleet of at least 20 vehicles and up to 8 more if required. TravelSafe will provide the associated technology and booking services, encourage customers to book their downward trip prior to arrival, advise when their downward vehicle has been despatched, and advise when there are any service delays.

The RMB believes that TravelSafe learned a lot from its first season at Mt Buller, which coupled with its formal arrangement with BusFleet, the changes outlined above, and active management from the RMB will result in a much improved service for stakeholders and visitors in 2020 and beyond.

Expressions of Interest will be released in the next few weeks for people interested in providing on-demand taxi services, and for commercial accommodation houses, lodge managers and apartment managers interested in providing courtesy transfers to/from the overnight carparks for their guests.


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