Waste Water Treatment Plan unable to treat chemicals, incl. paint 12 Feb 2016

Please note that the Mt Buller Waste Water Treatment Plant is unable to treat chemicals such as paint, thinners and excessive cleaning solutions. Chemicals that are poured into the sewage system can cause the treatment plant to malfunction and stop effectively treating waste water.

With the construction season currently in full swing, we request that you and your contractors do not discard paint and chemicals in your drains. This includes waste water from washing brushes and equipment.

With your help, the problem of chemicals in waste water can be virtually eliminated. By playing your part, we can ensure that our water is kept clean for recycling and the environment.

For more information please contact Resort Management on (03) 5777 6077 or email info@mtbuller.com.au.

Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management
Alpine Central
Mt Buller VIC 3723
03 5777 6077