2015-16 Summer Gate Operations 07 Dec 2015

Resort Management has spent considerable time, effort and resources, investing in and growing the resorts' summer product offering. Resort Management is ever mindful of the need to ensure that ongoing investment in the maintenance, enhancement and development of this offering is sustainable.

To this end Resort Management has been investigating a range of opportunities to generate summer revenue streams that could be used to support ongoing enhancements to the summer offering and make summer more self-sustaining. As part of these considerations, a summer resort entry fee concept has been discussed with stakeholders as part of a consultation process. Through this process it has been determined that further information and data gathering is required to help inform and guide any considerations regarding the introduction of such a fee. To help facilitate this, Resort Management will be operating the Resort Entry gate over the 2015/16 summer period to better track resort visitation, provide visitor information services and gain further insights into visitation patterns and habits. There will however, be no charges associated with entering Mt Buller or Mt Stirling resorts this summer, and the information gained through the operation of the gate will be used to help inform any future discussions regarding summer revenue opportunities.

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